About Chris Morley

Chris MorleyFrom building my first gaming PC at age eight, through senior-level product and marketing manager roles, I have a deep knowledge of marketing interactive entertainment including high-performance gaming systems, premium workstations, product development, content creation, and online services.

My imagination drove me deep into science fiction and fantasy novels at a young age. In my early teens, I was reading Isaac Asimov’s The Foundation Series, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and the Tolkien classics. A big part of my love for creating compelling marketing communications started with those books and the magical worlds I explored in video games. My abilities as a data-driven marketer who understands marketing technology come from a life-long love of technology and science.

These days I’m passionate about bringing that energy to business as a:

• Business-focused marketing professional with fifteen years of success in content marketing, social media, broadcast, events, campaign automation, and customer engagement for high-performance computing and gaming technology

• Results-driven team leader who has built multi-disciplinary partnerships by nurturing collaboration, inspiring excellence, and mentoring others to continually develop their skills and achieve business value

• Motivated broadminded planner who thrives in a fast-paced and evolving environment, meets challenges proactively, and excels at analyzing market trends, identifying new opportunities for product growth, and creating game-changing marketing experiences


Chris Morley